Hierarchical Models Of Software Quality Pdf Download


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Hierarchical Models Of Software Quality Pdf Download


Product revision The product revision perspective identifies quality factors that influence the ability to change the software product, these factors are:- Maintainability, the ability to find and fix a defect. These attribute facilitate continuous improvement, allowing cause and effect analysis which maps to these attributes, or measure of the attribute. McCall's Quality Model - 1977 Jim McCall produced this model for the US Air Force and the intention was to bridge the gap between users and developers. Flexibility, the ease of changing the software to meet revised requirements. Efficiency, optimum use of system resources during correct execution. Boehm also defined a hierarchical model of software quality characteristics, in trying to qualitatively define software quality as a set of attributes and metrics (measurements).


Interoperability, the extent, or ease, to which software components work together. In total McCall identified the 11 quality factors broken down by the 3 perspectives, as listed above. the absence of defects. Testability, the ability to Validate the software requirements. As with McCall's Quality Model, the intention is to be able to measure the lowest level of the model. The extent to which one model allows for an accurate measurement (cost and benefit) of the software will determine its value. The degree to which each of these attributes is present reflects the overall quality of the software product.


The presence, or absence, of these attributes can be measured objectively. Usability, ease of use. Boehm's Quality Model - 1978 Barry W. Product operations (basic operational characteristics). ease of use, reliability and efficiency). These two quality models are summarized below and similarities can be seen. Product transition (adaptability to new environments). Article Purpose The purpose of this article is to define the term software quality attributes and to place that term in the context of SQA and software process improvement, SPI.


Product transition The product transition perspective identifies quality factors that influence the ability to adapt the software to new environments:- Portability, the ability to transfer the software from one environment to another. These three primary uses had quality factors associated with them , representing the next level of Boehm's hierarchical model. Usability, ease of use. Summary of the two models Although only a summary of the two example software factor models has been given, some comparisons and observations can be made that generalize the overall quest to characterize software. Reusability, the ease of using existing software components in a different context. The value of these, and other models, is purely a pragmatic one and not in the semantics or structural differences. 0fe9572dea

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